Precision Testing, Inc. (PTI) is a soil and concrete materials inspection and testing company that relies on the proven skills of its founder to take advantage of the growing need for construction material inspection and testing. Constance (Connie) Pearson brings over two and a half decades of soil testing expertise to the business, and leads the company as it establishes itself as a high quality inspection and testing services provider. PTI is a registered Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Woman Owned Targeted Group (WTG) under the Minnesota Unified Certification Program, agencies – MnDOT, Department of Administration, Metropolitan Council and Airports Commission.

PTI is a testing laboratory specializing in testing soils and concrete conforming and adheres to MNDOT, American Soil Testing Methods (ASTM) and the American Concrete Institute (ACI) standards. It includes, but is not limited to, the testing and inspection of major construction services, which specializes in classified aggregates, compaction, concrete materials, bituminous street, topsoil, environmental, landfill construction or closure, septic systems and construction inspections including: concrete, bituminous, grading, base, and bridge.

The sole owner/operator Connie Pearson has extensive expertise and experience to offer a high quality testing service to all potential clients. She also aids in troubleshooting and support in the construction field and operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with clients, environment and the community.

PTI was created for the general highway contractor, engineering firms, MnDOT, county agencies, airport construction, septic systems installers and the general public. It offers numerous laboratory and field-testing inspection services, along with portable, on-site laboratory services. PTI is proposing projects from the Twin Cities Metro Area to the Northern border of Minnesota. PTI also works with other firms that offer special inspections, nuclear density, environmental and soil boring testing.

On-site material testing technicians perform sampling and testing of all component materials used on projects. Included in our service is concrete field-testing (slump, air, cylinders, beams), grading and base testing (gradations, sand cones, proctors, DCP, etc.), pile driving depth etc., all in accordance with the MnDOT’s Schedule of Material Control. Also included are permeability’s, atterburgs, organics, hydrometers and classifications.



Women Owned Targeted Business Group